Dr Dianne Forbes

Dianne Forbes
Te Hononga School of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Senior Lecturer

Technology, Environmental, Mathematics, and Science Education Research Centre
Researcher (Digitally Mediated Education)

(+64) 7 838 4466 ext 7844
EdDUniversity of Waikato
Master of Educational ManagementUniversity of Auckland
Diploma of TeachingDunedin College of Education
Bachelor of Arts (Hons)University of Otago

My background is as a Primary School Teacher and Assistant Principal. I worked in schools in Auckland, and my interests as a classroom teacher revolved around special needs and gifted and talented education, and the integration of ICT with teaching and learning. At the turn of the century, I had the good fortune to teach in a Digital Class, where there was a ratio of one computer to every two children. It was here that my eyes were opened to the tremendous possibilities for rich, creative learning afforded by ICT, when integrated in a purposeful and reflective manner.
Teaching online is my passion and I work to combine my research interests with my teaching practice. My Masters study was in the area of educational leadership. I started my Doctoral work with a focus on formative interaction in online classes, examining the ways that feedback and interaction in online classes can be used to enhance learning. I combined my interests in educational leadership and online teaching and learning by considering leadership as capacity building in elearning. I have a longstanding interest in asynchronous online discussion and its potential for rich learning, and have explored this via experimentation with guests in online discussion, including children and experts in various fields, online debate and role play. More recent experiments have involved teaching and learning through social media.
Broadly speaking, my current research agenda is aligned with the scholarship of teaching and learning. My interests include innovative pedagogies, elearning, tertiary teaching, teacher education, leadership and lifelong learning. I am interested in the perspectives and experiences of tertiary students and teachers, particularly in relation to online and blended learning. I am interested in specific pedagogical tools like asynchronous online discussion, student-generated podcasting, and negotiating learning design and learning legacies (when students generate resources for use by subsequent cohorts). Current investigations relate to partnerships between teacher educators and schools. I am exploring learning through social media with an emphasis on professional online presence and learning networks. A further aspect of interest involves enhancing the quality of online pedagogies via peer review of online teaching.

In terms of methodology, I gravitate toward qualitative, interpretive modes, but am open to exploring mixed-methods. I enjoy working in a team of researchers and with researchers who have expertise with quantitative analysis, from diverse disciplines.

I have a professional social media presence and am supportive of open access publications, including electronic journals with creative commons licensing, and free ebook publications. I have gained significant experience as a reviewer and editor in recent times and am keen to build upon these experiences.


Current editorial affiliations:

Associate Editor, IJCEE, International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education

Editorial Board, ELEA, e-Learning and Digital Media
Editorial Board, WJE, Waikato Journal of Education
Reviewer for: IRRODL, Distance Education, ETHE, ELDM, IJCEE, TATE, SET, JOLT, WJE, CINZS, and Early Childhood Folio 
Social media presence:
Twitter: @difo38 Hashtag: #LifelongLearningAlumni
Blog: I co-author a blog with Dr Noeline Wright at: http://interrogatingeducationz.blogspot.co.nz/


Selected recent publications/presentations:

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2011 Inaugural recipient of the Nola Campbell Memorial eLearning Excellence Award

2011 Faculty of Education Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award


Professional Activities:

Elearning BBL, 2009 - ongoing - Convenor of 'elearning brown bag lunch' series - a series of monthly lunchtime meetings in the Faculty of Education, where staff and graduate students meet to discuss scholarship, teaching and learning through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Speakers are invited, research is presented, research collaboration is encouraged, and effective pedagogy is showcased.

TAN, 2014 - ongoing - Dean-appointed FEDU Teaching Advocate


I have a number of Masters and PhD supervisions currently in progress, and am available for further PhD supervision.