Graduate Diploma

A Graduate Diploma (GradDip) is usually a one year full-time programme consisting of undergraduate papers or 120 points at 100 level or above, including at least 80 points at 300 level or above, in the chosen graduate diploma subject to complete the qualification. GradDips are intended to provide the equivalent of a major in a subject other than that in which the student has majored for their first degree.

Entry Criteria

Bachelors degree (B average at least)

To Apply

To enrol in a Graduate Diploma supply an academic transcript of previous degree study.
Enrolment in a Graduate Diploma of Teaching requires completing an application and selection process.


Graduate Diploma (Adult Education & Training)*
Graduate Diploma (Education)
Graduate Diploma (Education) (Arts Education)
Graduate Diploma (Sport, Health and Human Performance)*
Graduate Diploma of Teaching
GradDipT/ GradDip Engineering (Technology Teaching)
GradDipT/GradDip Tourism & Hospitality Management (Teaching)

(Note: *These are also offered as a Graduate Certificates)