Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)

The Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood) is a one-year programme for people who already have a bachelors degree and who want to become an early childhood teacher.


Mixed Media Presentation (Online)

Entry criteria

Bachelors degree or recognised equivalent
If English is not your first language provide proof of your English language competency (IELTS test 7.0 score in all bands)

To apply

Apply early (preferably between August and November)
Complete the teacher education application and selection process
Supply an academic transcript of previous degree study

Programme requirements

Compulsory Professional Education papers examine areas such as professional practice, bicultural practice, understanding curriculum, theories of learning and development, infant and toddler pedagogy, parents and whānau (family) engagement and transitions for children. The curriculum papers enhance skills and knowledge in areas such as art, music, maths, information technology, dance and language and literacy. All papers have an emphasis on equity and social justice.

A total of 14 weeks (3-blocks) of full-time practicum provides practical teaching experience in early childhood settings in your local area. The practicum is an opportunity to put the theory you learn into practice through day to day learning and teaching in an early childhood service.

The majority of this programme is taught online through an interactive and supportive environment. This involves regular online interactions with university lecturers and peers. You will also be required to attend compulsory on-campus classes in Hamilton for one week in January and one week mid-year.


The GradDipT (Early Childhood) consists of completing a total of 9 papers at 700 level over one year.

Summer School

TEPS751 Professional and Ethical Inquiry 1: The Treaty of Waitangi in Early Childhood Education


TEDE751 Professional Practice 1: Practicum (EG1) (February)

TEDE752 Professional Practice 2: Practicum (EG1) (June/July)

TEDE753 Professional Practice 3: Practicum (EG1) (mid October – mid Dec)

Semester A

TEPS752 Professional and Ethical Inquiry 2: Inclusive Education

TEPS754 Listening to Culture

TEPS755 Learning and Development in the Early Years

TEPS756 Play and Creativity in the Curriculum

Semester B

TEPS753 Professional and Ethical Inquiry 3: Transition to School

TEPS757 Communities of Learners

TEPS758 Multiple Literacies

TEPS759 Te Whāriki in Action

Kaupapa Māori Options

Three kaupapa Māori papers may be taken as an alternative to three mainstream papers if numbers allow.

TEPS746 Mana Aotūroa

TEPS747 Whānau Tāngata

TEPS749 Ngā Mahi Ako Kōhungahunga