At undergraduate level a major is made up of papers and is the main subject you will study in your bachelors degree. In the Faculty teacher education students major in professional education, sport and leisure students major in sport and leisure.

If you are interested in Education Studies or Human Development the Faculty offers papers in this subject, but if you want to major in these areas you will need to enrol in a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences qualification, such as the BA or BSocSc. A second major is when you study two subjects in depth. To major in a subject, you study it to an advanced level, that is at 300 or 400 level.


Professional Education (BTchg)
Health, Sport and Human Performance Studies (BSHHP)
Education Studies (BA & BSocSc)*
Human Development (BSocSc)*

(*Offered through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Note: Education is at Diploma, Graduate and Postgraduate level.