Master of Educational Leadership

The MEdLeadership is for aspiring or current educational leaders interested in broadening their understanding of educational leadership.

Programme Advisers

Associate Professor Rachel McNae

Entry Criteria

  • Bachelor of Teaching or equivalent (eg.GradDipT) with at least a B average in 300 level papers
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Hons)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Education) with at least a B average
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Educational Leadership) with at least a B average

To Apply

Complete the online enrolment process.

Programme Requirements

The MEdLeadership usually comprises 180 points (500 level) including required and optional papers and a research project or thesis. Students with a PGDip or BTchg(Hons) or equivalent may be permitted to complete with 120 points. All programmes must meet the requirements for the degree.
Qualification Regulations


PROF500 Educational Leadership: Organisational Development PROF502 Educational Leadership: Issues and Perspectives
Choose one from DSOE557 Research Methods OR PCSS502 Kaupapa Māori Research

And at least one from DSOE590 Directed Study DSOE592 Dissertation DSOE593 Education Thesis DSOE594 Education Thesis

Choose remaining from PROF504 Educational Leadership and Community PROF505 Educational Leadership for Social Justice PROF507 Educational Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring PROF508 Developing Effective Principalship PROF509 Educational Leadership: Advanced Skills for Coaching and Mentoring PROF580 Professional Education Seminar

*For further academic advice about independent study (directed study, dissertation or masters thesis) or other optional papers contact the programme advisers.