Bachelors with Honours

A bachelors degree with honours is normally available for high performing bachelor degree graduates.  This programme requires 120 points at 500 Level (four 30 point papers), taken from the prescribed list.

An honours degree normally takes two semesters of full-time study to complete and may be awarded with first class (75%+), second class (first division) (68%-74%), second class (second division) (60-67%) or without a class of honours.

Students graduating with an honours degree will normally go on to undertake a 120 credit master’s degree in the same subject.  Very high performing students may be eligible to apply for direct entry to a higher degree.

Note: If you want to major with honours in Education Studies or Human Development you will need to enrol in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Sciences through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.


Bachelor of Teaching (Honours)
Bachelor of Sport & Leisure Studies (Honours)