Summer School

Summer School caters for both full and part-time students means you can study at both undergraduate or postgraduate level when:

  • you live out of Hamilton and are unable to study within the regular academic teaching period;
  • your family or work commitments do not allow you to attend weekly classes;
  • you want to ‘get ahead’ or ‘catch up’ with your study before Semester A begins;
  • you are a qualified teacher and want to upgrade your qualifications;
  • you are a Sport and Leisure Studies student; or
  • you are a student majoring in Education Studies or Human Development.

Apply for Summer School

Follow the online enrolment process. The deadline for Summer School applications is December 1.

Capping of Papers

Due to the popularity of Summer School, some papers may be capped therefore apply earlier (before December 1). Places will be set aside for initial teacher education students and qualified and registered teachers. Where the number of students applying for a paper exceeds the number that can be catered for, approval will be prioritised in the following way:

  • applicants who are completing a qualification in Summer School;
  • applicants who are completing a qualification in A Semester or over the full year and who are undertaking full-time study;
  • applicants who live outside the Hamilton area;
  • applicants who fulfill the pre-requisite requirements and who apply by the deadline, 1 December
  • late applications.


The majority of Faculty of Education Summer School papers are offered in the month of January. Summer School papers are indicated by the paper code ‘S’ and are offered in Hamilton (HAM), Tauranga (TGA) and through block course (BLK), which requires online and on-campus attendance.

T Semester Papers 2016

Code Title Occurrences Points
HDCO321 Developing Talent in Young People 16T (HAM) 20
HDCO322 Motivation and Behaviour Difficulties: Strategies for Educators 16T (TGA) 20
SPLS213 Principles and Practices for Leading Outdoors 16T (TGA) 20

S Semester Papers 2017

Code Title Occurrences Points
ALED225 Dance and Education 17S (TGA) 20
ALED325 The Teacher as Writer 17S (BLK) 20
ALED515 Drama as Pedagogy: The Mantle of the Expert 17S (HAM) 30
ALED590 Directed Study 17S (HAM) & 17S (NET) 30
DSOE557 Research Methods 17S (BLK) 30
HDCO320 Implementing Inclusive Practices: Building Individual and Community Capacity 17S (BLK) 20
HDCO549 Counselling and Contexts 17S (BLK) 30
HDCO590 Directed Study 17S (NET) 30
MSTE590 Directed Study 17S (BLK) 30
PROF390 Directed Study 17S (HAM) 20
PROF551 Special Topic: Challenging Practice through Dialogue for 21st Century Learners 17S (BTG) 30
SSRP202 The Practice of Social Science Research 17S (NET) 20
SPLS390 Directed Study 17S (HAM) & 17S (NET) 30