Bachelor Degrees

A Bachelor degree is at undergraduate level and is a three-year programme, with the exception of the Conjoint programme which is four-years in length.

An undergraduate degree is made up of papers. Papers may involve attending lectures, tutorials and practical teaching experiences plus completing assignments, group projects or exams. Each paper is worth points, and you need to earn a total number of points to complete your degree. Many degrees require you to choose a certain number of papers in one preferred subject, which is known as your major. Some degrees like the Bachelor of Teaching have specified programmes requiring the completion of compulsory (core) papers. In some degrees you can also choose elective papers, which can be from almost any subject in the university.

Entry Requirements

To enrol in a Bachelors degree you will need to meet the criteria for University Entrance. Some people prepare for university study by choosing a pathways programme. International students may need to provide proof of their academic and English language competency.


Bachelor of Teaching
Bachelor of Teaching (Upgrade) (For teachers)
Bachelor of Education (Technology)
Bachelor of Health, Sport and Human Performance