PCK Symposium

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Studying Children: Using Cultural-Historical Theory

Visiting Scholar Programme

Venue: KP.32

Speaker: Professor Marilyn Fleer Seminar (Marilyn is the Foundation Chair of Early Childhood Education at Monash University).

Time: Thursday June 13 at 3.30pm

In this session Professor Marilyn Fleer will briefly discuss what it means to “use cultural-historical theory” in research when studying young children.  Key principles of a cultural-historical methodology will be examined in relation to contemporary methods of digital video observations. Examples from her own research will be used to illustrate important points associated with the complexity of using cultural-historical theory for video analysis. Here she will draw upon Hedegaard (2008) analysis framework where a common-sense, situated and thematic approach is used to foreground demands, motives and intentions of children in everyday life. The content of the examples will focus on early childhood science and technology education.