PCK Symposium

Click here to learn about the symposium and public session on Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Science Education.

Completed Research Projects

Investigating the relationship between whole school approaches to education for sustainability and student learning
Bioethics education
The classroom InSiTE project: Understanding classrooms interactions and trajectories to enhance teaching and learning in science and technology
New Zealand Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies
Laptops for teachers evaluation
Curriculum Stocktake: National School Sampling Study
Research into effectiveness of programmes for curriculum-based learning experiences outside the classroom
The use of digital tablets in facilitating student feedback on electronically submitted assignments
Innovative design and technology in remote schools
Linking culturally responsive teaching with learning and assessment to enhance the engagement of diverse students in primary science classrooms
SCIAnTICT -Science Classroom Investigations of the Affordances in Teaching with ICT
New Zealand Curriculum Exploratory Studies 2009 to 2010
Scratch Application
Student teacher attitudes towards ICT: an international comparative study
An Early Support Program for Design and Technology and Home Economics Teachers: Professional Mentoring for Re-training Teachers
Evaluation of education for sustainability (EfS)
Exploring young people’s views of the future: their hopes and fears for the environment