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An Early Support Program for Design and Technology and Home Economics Teachers: Professional Mentoring for Re-training Teachers

Project dates: 2008-2011
Directors: John Williams and Martin Cooper


The purpose of this project is to implement, establish and evaluate a professional support and mentoring program for re-training Design and Technology and Home Economics teachers in schools in Western Australia.
It involves the implementation of a tailored mentoring program that is specifically intended for teachers undergoing re-training to teach in Design and Technology and Home Economics. The program is grounded in a successful creation of professional relationships between expert and re-trained teachers. It has the following goals:

  • Increase the number of Design and Technology and Home Economics teachers in WA,
  • Reduce teacher attrition in these areas,
  • Build teacher confidence and self-efficacy for teaching in these areas,
  • Enhance teacher satisfaction,
  • Save costs.

The project will occur in two rolling phases with Phase 1 occurring while the participants are enrolled at university and Phase 2 occurring during the first year of teaching in their new discipline.