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Curriculum Stocktake – National School Sampling Study

Project Dates:  2001 – 2003
Director:  Clive McGee
Project members: Alister Jones, Bronwen Cowie, Mary Hill, Thelma Miller and Anne Harlow


The National School Sampling Study, a Ministry of Education initiative to investigate how teachers work with the curriculum, 2002-2003. The first report in June 2001 outlined how teacher focus group discussions informed the development of national questionnaires. In April 2002 the research team reported on the first round of questionnaires: general curriculum; mathematics; technology; and Mäori medium. A subsequent report in April 2003 outlined the results of questionnaires to investigate teachers’ experiences in teaching from the New Zealand national curriculum documents in English, languages (Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Samoan), science and social studies.


For further information about this project and to read the associated reports that were published as a result of this project visit the page Curriculum Stocktake: National Sampling Study – Teachers Experiences in Curriculum Implementation Curriculum Stocktake: National Sampling Study – Teeachers Experiences in Curriculum Implementation
on the Ministry of Education’s Education Counts website.