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Investigating the relationship between whole school approaches to education for sustainability and student learning

Dates: 2007 – 2008
Project Leader: Dr Chris Eames
Project members:
Dr Barry Law (sustainability education consultant), Lyn Rogers, Anna Scott (University of Waikato), Dr Miles Barker, Heidi Mardon (Enviroschools Foundation), Faye Wilson Hill (University of Canterbury), Anne Radford (Massey University), Rosemarie Patterson (consultant), five New Zealand teachers and their schools.


To build on previous work in action competence by designing a valid and reliable framework for investigating the development of action competence in students, teachers and their schools. To understand the practice of whole school approaches to EfS in NZ schools and the impact on the school community.

Research Methods

The project involved development of two frameworks, one to examine development of student action competence, and the other to examine a whole school approach to education for sustainability. These frameworks were then trialled in the five schools through document analysis, and interviews with students and staff. The frameworks have been refined and are available for use in all schools.


Publications are pending from this project.