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New Zealand Curriculum Exploratory Studies

Project dates: 2009-2010
Directors: Professor Bronwen Cowie (WMIER) and Rose Hipkins (NZCER)
Project members:

University of Waikato
Clive McGee, Paul Keown, Judy Moreland, Bev Cooper, Michele Morrison, Merilyn Taylor and Ann McKim

Sally Boyd & Ally Bull


The Curriculum Exploratory Studies 2009 project is a collaborative University of Waikato and NZCER project funded by the Ministry of Education. The purpose of this project is to deepen knowledge of the process of curriculum implementation across a range of areas including, for example, how schools are collaborating with their communities, using the principles and enacting the key competencies and the impact of these processes on student achievement. Data is being generated through focus group workshops focusing on the curriculum-in-action and leadership-for-learning in combination with individual school case study work. The findings are intended to guide and inform individual schools as they develop school curriculum using the NZC, as well as the Ministry of Education as it refines further curriculum implementation and support.

The project will extend and add value to the existing body of research about the implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum (Ministry of Education) including the findings from the recently completed New Zealand Curriculum Exploratory Studies (CIES) project. Read the final report of the completed CIES report on the Ministry of Education’s Education Counts website.