PCK Symposium

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Environmental Education Research

The focus of this group is research into environmental and sustainability education within schools and communities. Environmental and sustainability education features in The New Zealand Curriculum, and in the educational goals of many other countries. It focuses on students and adults gaining knowledge and experiences about sustainability issues facing us today to help them make informed choices about how to live a sustainable life.

This research group meets monthly to share research ideas, discuss and respond to current issues, develop research proposals, and update conference and journal information.

Research in this area is often interdisciplinary and currently covers elements such as teaching and learning, curriculum and policy, and specific issues in environmental and sustainability education, both within schools and in communities.

Research Team

Christopher Eames

Miles Barker
Paul Keown
John Lockley
Lynley Tulloch
Marianne Robertson
Richard Edwards

Doctoral students who are studying in the Centre and specialising in Environmental and Sustainability Education are also members of this group.